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Han Solo's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Han Solo

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[04 Jul 2008|05:10pm]
Han knelt back in the sand, putting his hammer down as he wiped an arm across his forehead. The boat in front of him was coming along rather well, especially the new hull that he'd ripped out only the week before to change to a different design. It was why he'd spent over a year on this boat, whenever it seemed done, Han would rip something out to make it better.

Chewbacca was laying nearby sunning himself, occasionally lifting his head to make sure Han was still where he'd left him.
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[23 Jun 2008|07:22pm]
Han and Chewbacca happen upon a miserable Clark on the beach and puts some of the rum he's been giving away to good use.

Rum. Handmade and from the shit batch but it'll still make you feel better.Collapse )
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Saving for a later date... [09 Oct 2007|10:58pm]

Han went chasing after the corded canine down the beach, as the dog happily scampered away from Han's makeshift hammer. The dog darted back and forth, sending the smuggler skidding in the sand numerous times before dropping the hammer in the waves. Groaning, Han went wadding into the hammer as it got caught in the waves.

Now wet and sandy, Han sighed heavily before turning back to where he'd been working on the keel of his boat. To see Chewbacca now holding the next plank of wood that Han had laboriously carved to fit perfectly into his creation. He froze and glared at the dog...who only wagged his tail. "Oh no you don't..." He growled as the dog jerked, his front end going down as he got ready to dart away, tail still wagging madly. Han stay very still, inching forward, hoping to catch the dog before he darted off with the piece. This had been the same routine all day. Han would try and get something done and Chewbacca would steal whatever part of tool Han needed.

Finally, he got forward enough that he made a grab for the dog...who of course darted out down the stretch of sand away from Han, running like he was having the time of his life.

Han sighed heavily and finally sat down hard, leaning his back against the half buildt keel, eyes closed. Obviously he wasn't going to get any work done, but then maybe that wasn't a bad thing. It's all he'd been doing lately afterall, working on this boat and on the stile.

"Oof!" At the sudden weight in his lap, he opened his eyes to see a very proud Chewbacca standing over him and the stolen piece in his lap. Han glared at him. "You think your so funny don't you."

Chewbacca only barked happily.
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who are you calling scruffy looking? OMG ME CUZ I'M HAN SOLO [25 Jan 2007|11:09pm]
Time hadn't put proper clothing on. Tim hadn't washed his face or gone for tea or done any of his usual morning routine, because nothing about the morning had been normal. To begin with, he'd woken up in a hut. Disconcerting. To continue, there had been a dog there, and furthermore he had abs of steel. Tim didn't typically have dreams of being someone else. In fact, that sad bit was, he usually dreamed of being himself and knowing it, in situations where 'himself' was not the thing to be.

Well, he wasn't himself now, that was for damn sure. The dog kept pace with him as he wandered aimlessly through the jungle, sometimes meandering out beach ward, having thoroughly no damn clue where the compound was. What usually would have made him feel exasperated was, at the moment, filling him with a low simmering rage and overarching annoyance. The dog was watching him with what Tim could have sworn was a perturbed look.

"If you've a bloody suggestion, make it," Tim snapped, "if not, stop giving me that face." He said this with an American accent. He was pretty sure he sounded like Harrison Ford. Disconcerting.

He was hoping to run into Jim. If this was island weirdness he would need a) tea and b) someone normal to have a breakdown with.

Now if only he could figure out where the hell he was.
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[24 Sep 2006|12:28am]
Five reasons Han stayed after ANH.

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